Burrito Craft

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Their Story…

Julia & Marc – It all started with their love of chilli. Everything they cooked or ate, had chili on it, or in it! Marc has worked in some kitchens and loves cooking, they both do. Their favourite style of food has always been Mexican and they made sure that they tried everything and anything new Mexican whilst living in Brisbane. Marc’s passion for Mexican started years before they met when he lived in Canada and the USA.

The passion continued over the years as they traveled the different continents trying everyone’s take on Mexican. They found what they loved in a burrito and today this is what they serve at Burrito Craft. A mix of modern Mexican with a more authentic approach on the tacos.

They came up with the idea whilst eating a burrito and decided that it would be their craft.. making burritos! Julia is the kiwi and Marc is the Mexican looking Scotsman, an interesting combination, but it works, and so does the food.